The blues album Freedom is a profound tool for self-empowerment and transformation. Awtar Singh’s voice is a guiding light that effortlessly ignites joy in every heart. Masterfully produced and arranged by Thomas Barquee, each song is one of Awtar’s greatest hits.  Freedom also features Tejinder Kaur, Awtar Singh’s daughter-in-law, whose graceful embellishments add an angelic presence to Freedom’s uplifting power. 


1. You Can Make the Sunshine (featuring Tejinder Kaur)

2. Kundalini Yoga

3. Freedom (featuring Tejinder Kaur)

4. Oh My God & My Guru (featuring Tejinder Kaur)

5. All Things Come From God (featuring Tejinder Kaur)

6. Guru Ram Das Melody (featuring Tejinder Kaur)

7. The Unknown

8. Peace Prayer Day (written by Tejinder Kaur)

Songs of the Soul Bride​ captures the early work of Tejinder Kaur. Recorded in India, this album of Sikh sacred music and yogic mantras brings deep relaxation and rest.

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